Duende CD Released soon 

Hi Friends Well, If you are here reading this, then you either have some extra time or are really interested or both! Thanks for checking things out here. I am pleased to announce that the Duende CD will be out soon, and I have just recieved some preview copies today. The CD is on MSR Classics, and I will provide a link to it when it is offically released so anyone who wants to pick one up can. The Duende trio is Jeffrey Agrell, Gil Selinger, and Evan Mazunik on Horn, Cello and Piano. We reinterpret…

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Orléans France 

I am here in orleans, where last night I did some solo playing and some group improvisations on the radio. Before that we did an hour long special on strings and improvisation, where i tried to speak french on the air between songs and played a bunch of stuff from my ipod. Including selections from the soundpainting string quartet cd and my duo cd with Evan, both of which are not yet out.

teaching; playing, recording 

This morning was another good rehearsal of the orchestra amalgammes with Walter and Christophe in preparation for the St.Saéns concerto concert on the 5th coming up soon. On Sunday I will be playing solo invited by Youen Cadiou the excellent bass player who is organizing a nice evening of improvisational music The afternoon was an excellent workshop for people new to soundpainting, where I was teaching. It was my first paid teaching gig (soundpainting) in Paris, and it went very well. Rafael Arditti,…

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A quick breath before the storm 

Greetings from Paris, where yesterday after the first rehearsal of Amalgammes for the St Saens concerto concert coming up on the fifth I quickly rushed over to the banlieu (suburbs) of Paris to teach a soundpainting workshop. These are the same suburbs where cars were being blown up not too long ago. It sort of reminded me of morgan ave brooklyn in the early nineties. A bit rough around the edges. The st saens seems to be going well, and should be even better at the next rehearsal. I really can't say more…

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Villamblain, France 

I did an excellent recording session today with Yann and Simon. There was really some nice communication going on. Tomorrow we will heqd into Orléans to take a look at the "big" city - or the small easy as I like to call it. We continue to record on Saturday.

SoundPainting Think Thank 2006 

The City of Hoganas in Sweeden is hosting this year's SoundPainting Thinktank. A large list of participants coming from around the world will converge on this small city for a week of SoundPainting workshops and concerts. If you live in Sweeden or are visiting, and can make it to any of the performances please come by, if not, I will be taking photos and recordings during the week and will have an update from the thinktank later in August. This should be a very exciting event.

Bad or Worse? 

The fact that a cartoon can cause such fury and outpouring of frustration is no surprise to me. In fact it makes a great deal of sense. The sheer magnitude of stupidity in the world, and its rise to heights of power in political strata globally is unequaled in the memory of the living. Ofcourse, no sane person can become outraged at a simple cartoon, drawn by an obviously second rate cartoonist (at best) and published in a previously unknown newspaper from a small country most in the world have never…

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New Feature to the Website 

If you notice in the Music section I have added a "brand new selection" at the beginning of the page. I will be regularly adding more music, and as it goes up, it will go there before it moves down into an appropriate category.

End of the Year 

As the years end approaches, like most people I think of what I've done this year, and what is planned for next year. 2006 is already setting up to be a jam packed year. I have a full calendar in January in New York, and will be travelling through France, Germany, Sweeden and Denmark during Feburary through April. I would like to wish all the people who celebrate a happy holidays, and an excellent New Year.