Walter Thompson Soundpainter with the soundpainting string quartet (SP4tet) David Grunberg & Olivia de Prato violins, Lev Zhurbin Viola, Gil Selinger Cello. A fantastic exploration of what soundpainting chamber music can sound like. CD Baby

Yann Kaddachi 4tet

Yann Kaddachi, Percussion. Simon Couratier, Saxophone. Gil Selinger, cello. Patrick Sintès, laptop. A mixture of improv, soundpainting, with middle eastern and free jazz tinges. Dane Recordings

Steve Rust Soundpainting Sextet

Walter Thompson soundpainting the Steve Rust All Star Sextet. Michael Attias, Saxophone - Rob Henke, Trumpet - Chris Washburn, Tuba and Trombone - Rolf Sturm, Guitar - Gil Selinger, Cello - Steve Rust, Bass. CD Baby
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Duende Trio - Mosaic

Duende is a spanish word that translates badly into a variety of english equivalents: goblin, dark spirit, inspiration, charm, magic, charisma, personal magnetism. The great spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca wrote of duende, describing it as a dark, earthy, creative force, visceral rather than intellectual. The three contemporary musicains who make up this trio known as Duende have set out to discover the future through the past. They are part of the vanguar of classical players whoa re reviging the lost art of improvisation, treating audiences to fresh interpretations of old music as well as music that is created on the spot. This recording takes a wide variety of early music pieces as sources for improvisation. There is no attempt to be 'authentic' by using original instruments or in strictly following written manuscripts, but what is absolutely authentic is the spirit of improvisation that imbues each performance. It's time for classical musicians to take a new look at what they play and how the play it. It is time for classical musicians to reclaim their birthright of creation - in addition to re-creation. Performers, audience, and tradition will be the richer for it. MSR Classics

Mysterium For Quintet

Mysterium is a project designed to function as a worldwide bridge-way to isolated improvising artists, of multiple mediums, cultures, disciplines, genders and generations, to come together and engage in new work.
Due to the rotation of concept and personnel, it has a built in mechanism to keep things new and fresh, to push and challenge those involved, throwing them into new territories and experiences, creating a more expansive and visceral work.
This is a Double CD on Eavesdrop Records.


Steve Swell - Trombone, Hammond Organ
Daniel Carter - Tenor, Alto, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute
Gil Selinger - Cello, Electric Cello, Hammond Organ
Terence Murren - Contrabass, Electric Bass
Eric Eigner - Drumset, Tabletop Percusion, Clarinet
CD Baby

Pexo - a Soundpainting Symphony

The Walter Thompson Orchestra's fantastic newer CD. With Todd Reynolds, Rolf Sturm, Gil Selinger, Steve Rust, Jim Whitney, Rob Henke, Christopher Washburn, Sarah Weaver, Michael Attias, Jody Espina, Julie Ferrara, Andrea Pryor, Greg Stare, Leese Walker, Michael David Gordon, and Christian Brandjes. Nine Winds (nwcd0234)
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27 Epigrams

Word on the street is that Jessica Pavone is on tour with Anthony Braxton at the moment. Check out her Original Compositions for viola, cello, bassoon, marimba, english horn and saxophone. Beautiful Music. Peacock Recordings

Audio Dispatch 04

the Nuzion Piano trio plays on 1 track. Charles Waters, Piano Melinda Rice, Violin Gil Selinger, Cello Free103point9


Assif Tsahar Conducts the NY Underground Orchestra. Gil Selinger is in the orchestra and featured as soloist on a few tracks. Full of great musicians. Squidco
Forced Exposure


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GIL SELINGER: Deconstructing Haydn $13.99
MYSTERIUM: - for Quintet 2CD Set $25.00
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